Magnets with print. Having received a magnet, people often put  it on the refrigerator. Thus people see  your logo in everyday life .Magnets are available with the full-color print and this simplifies development of design. These  gift materials can be got for further sale in souvenir shops because they are popular among tourists, and also they can be distributed to everyone. Thus having got such souvenir with print  – it is profitable.
Magnetic writing board
€ 1.71
Magnet "Feo 2"
€ 0.94
€ 0.98
Magnet "Frigo 3"
€ 0.94
Magnet "Frigo"
€ 0.82
€ 1.35
Magnet "Frigo 2"
€ 0.87
Magnet "Frigo 3"
€ 0.83
Bookmark - a magnet
€ 0.71
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