The clothes with print– the majority of the companies use clothes with print.  Such kind of advertizing works thanks to people who put on it.Therefore, especially important before ordering clothes, to pay attention to design in order to recipient would have a desire to wear your clothes in everyday life. The clothes with print  are an effective advertizing gift because your symbolics is seen not only by the one who wears these clothes, but also people around. Clothes with your logo is a good way how to show and advertise your organisation in exhibitions, sporting events or serving clients. Printing on shirts, we use heat transfer print.
Hoodie man Winkler
€ 10.07
Hoodie women Vemon
€ 11.34
Hoodie kids Brandon
€ 9.79
Hoodie man Manton (zip)
€ 14.15
Hoodie women Kenora
€ 10.97
Hoodie kids Sarnia (zip)
€ 11.43
Fleece jacket man Outdoor Sarnia
€ 15.03
Fleece jacket women Outdoor Kenora
€ 15.04
Fleece jacket kids Outdoor Candiac
€ 12.61
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